A downloadable game for Windows

A quick lunch-break action rogue-lite where you destroy pirates for CASH and asteroids for ROCK. Take your resources to the next space port and purchase repairs, upgrades or more resources.

  • Fight through 12 levels in the chaotic asteroid belts under pirate control.
  • Upgrade your weapons, engines, hull and more.
  • Play your cards right to destroy the pirate flagship known as the Tyrant.
  • YOLO Mode: permadeath is always on. You can't even save. You either kill the Tyrant or you die!

Install instructions

Extract zip to desired folder and run void_scoundrel.exe.


VOIDScoundrel_Alpha1_x64.zip 17 MB
VOIDScoundrel_Alpha1_x32.zip 16 MB

Development log


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Hi and this was a good game and are you there?