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Terminal Dominions, while still in very early development, is a semi-direct control RTS played on a solar scale where the player builds structures and ships for economy, research, defense and mercenaries.

  • Develop industry and trade routes with the resources you harvest from derelict frontier solar systems.
  • Use new found wealth to build many things ranging from the simple necessities all the way up to high-tech wizardry using rare space Crystals.
  • Project the will of the Supreme Galactic Imperial Space Empire through millennia and across the known Galaxy.
  • Adjust the passage of time or pause the game at any time to react to the game at your leisure.
  • Ships do their own thing. You, acting as Frontier Governor, interact with the ships in your dominion via contracts. Establish contracts to mine resources, research new data, and engage hostiles in the system!
  • Majesty meets Rimworld meets Star Wars meets Freelancer. Or something like that...

Most of the sprites in the game are done by Oryx Design Lab with some mods and a few originals by myself.

I try to report dev stuff on Twitter: @Reefpirate

Any and all feedback during these early stages is greatly appreciated!

Install instructions

Extract all contents of the .ZIP into their own new folder. Run the executable to play.

Read the Manual from the Main Menu in-game to learn how to play and get some tips on how to survive.


Terminal Dominions Alpha 98.zip (28 MB)


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This is all well and good, but i'm still confused, can you atleast post a youtube video elaborating on the basics. plus using the arrow keys in addition to the WASD whould be convinient (page up and page down can also be zoom)

Thanks for taking the game for a spin!

I think alternative key binds are a great idea, and I'll add some more in the next big update...

As for the instruction manual, I don't want to put too much work into it at this point in time because the game is still changing quite a bit. For example with the new update, some of the tips are already obsolete. I hope to release the update soon and will probably make the 'Manual' less complex rather than more in-depth...

Eg. The manual will probably say something like: 'You can only really do 3 things: Build structures (and build ships from structures), create contracts and conduct research... Experiment and see what happens!' Until things become a little more solidified near the end of development where I'll try to do some proper tutorial/intro levels early in the game.

thanks for the reply!