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Rather than cancelling this project, I've decided to call this a prototype for my new project over at Hostile Domain. Check it out!

I suppose I'll leave this up for now in case anyone is interested. There's some ideas in this game that I'd love to come back to one day but I think the scope was a little too much.

Terminal Dominions is a single-player star system management sim and/or real-time strategy game currently undergoing a free public Alpha phase. Feedback and support are greatly appreciated at this stage.

The game plays out on one solar system map at a time, getting a little more complex and difficult each time you migrate or escape to a new system.

There is an in-game manual and tutorial to hopefully help new players, but be aware that the materials are not always up to date these days.

Please ask any questions you have about strategies for 'winning'. I assure you there are ways to survive for a fairly long time and I hope that I haven't made it too hard to find them.

Game is best experienced in Fullscreen (Toggle it in the Settings menu, not with Alt + Enter. Will fix this in the future.)

That's the short of it... Go play and let me know what you think!


Twitter: @Reefpirate

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  • Follow the story of your mysterious origins through Research that unlocks new structures, ships, contracts and special bonuses.
  • Maintain law and order and weaponize your expanding territory with Space Police infrastructure. Space cops patrol your structures and trade routes without getting distracted in far away asteroid skirmishes or mercenary contracts.
  • Project the will of the Supreme Galactic Imperial Space Empire (official name TBA) through millennia and across the known Galaxy by constructing large interstellar ships to take you to new algorithmically generated systems.
  • Adjust the passage of time or pause the game at any time to react to the game at your leisure. All orders can be made while the game is paused. Or, if it's safe enough, you can crank up the speed and watch your space economy go to work.

Most of the sprites in the current build of the game are based on an art pack by Oryx Design Lab with some mods and a few originals by myself.

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP its own folder and run the executable to play.


terminal-dominions-win-alpha.zip 3 MB
Version 5 Apr 15, 2017