A downloadable game for Windows

Sci-Fi Fleet Management Sim

Project discontinued for now...

Carve your way through hordes of space pirates to destroy their flagship!

  • Engage hostile forces in thrilling and chaotic space battles
  • Travel to distant stars deep in the heart of space pirate territory
  • Harvest resources to build new ships or plug holes in your line
  • Research new technologies to expand your power
  • Full tutorial and in-game manual
  • Simple but strategic gameplay

Public Prototype

The game is currently in Alpha development but offers a full roster of ships and can be played to its conclusion. Any and all feedback is welcome @Reefpirate on Twitter or on the itch forums found below. 

*Known Issue: If your computer starts struggling with version 0.6.1 try quitting the game at the start of a level after the game saves and run the game again. It doesn't really show up for the first 15 levels. There are some memory leaks that I discovered too late for this release and I plan to fix them for the next patch.

@Reefpirate on Twitter


Project development discontinued for now...

Install instructions

Extract the zip file into it's own folder and run HostileDomain.exe to play.


hostile-domain-win-alpha.zip 94 MB
Version 4 Dec 08, 2017

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